Super Tenement is an original construction system consisting of a main structure on which
prefabricated, interchangeable and replaceable facade elements and partitions are attached.
These allow an optimal adaptation to the different spatial and population conditions according to
respectively the orientation (north or south, street or nature), and the typological mix required. In
addition, the generation of a Super Tenement takes as its axioms some constants: a half of
building comprising north oriented technical equipment, nature-oriented balconies and
street-oriented drone ports, as well as the dimension of these two elements adapting the number
of modules occupied by their corresponding apartment.
With regard to the drone ports, they are clearly displayed on the front: the drone becomes in this
prospective future common visual and sound element of the urban sky, flying over the roads and
taking part in the hubbub of the street.

Made with grasshopper.

project by Ziyad Ryser and Louhichi Younes El Mehdi