Programm: This is a temple inhabited by customers seeking a return to origins through inspiring, primary spaces. This temple is a maritime gateway to Geneva.

Site: Rousseau’s Island is the last island of the lemanic Lake . Its position is central and allows, with the plot that links it to the city, an access to both shores of Geneva.

Project: This project focuses as much on the use of materiality of the island (mineral) as on the creation of a strong morphology, dependent on its position in the city of Geneva and  the lemanic Lake. The creative process involves the generation of multiple mutations using stone assemblies while taking into account the history of the site. Experimentation on corbellin helped to create an exhibition of different possibilities and spaces generated by this assembly.

the morphology is geometrically linked to circulation spaces. The whole building is a unique set of stairs. (cf: house malaparte)

The project welcomes sailboats from the lemanic Lake. It pushes the scale change through its main space, the cave. It takes us human into a process. A process leading man from the scale of a community to the scale of an unique soul. The human can then take refuge in the shelter and be part of its internal community.

Inspirations: Kheops pyramid, Djoser pyramid, Adalberto Libera (House Malaparte in Capri, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana)

par: LOUHICHI Younes et KOLGECI Margiona. Etudiants 2ème année Architecture- EPFL

Studio: Manslab- EPFL. Baker et Blanc
Assistant: Guillaume Bolle-Reddat