« Reality is not piano » by le truquôt

This graphical poem of glyphs encloses a specific genetic key that makes it unrepeatable. « Reality is not piano » doesn’t only compare the simplicity of human interpretation of an ever evolving reality, It tries to study and analyze the encryption of Reality by the human medium, through music, art and language.

This work, as much as other of le Truquôt’s pieces, use symbolism, facial expressions, human languages and ciphers to explicit the intricacy of our subjective interpretation of God.The meaning of God, in le Truquôt mythology, is to be understood as Spinoza’s interpretation: The Theoretical creative essence of Reality. 

The whole pieces represents a multifaceted reality flowing through a one-dimensional medium as a feeling. Maybe you can see the cryptical face representing that feeling if you turn the piece upside-down..

you can buy this digital art on fondation

« Comparing reality to a language is like comparing a tree to it’s picture; Language is human, reality is. » Le Truquôt


website: www.louhichi.ch

Artist name: le truquôt

real name: Louhichi Younes el Mehdi

profession: artist / Architect (EPFL)

Nationality: Swiss – Tunisian

Le Truquôt presentation:

Le Truquôt is an imaginary artist, thinker, writer and inventor imagined by a swiss-tunisian architect. Le truquôt is born 12.03.2020 in Tunisia, Hammamet during the covid pandemic.
Since then, 40 new digital hand-drawn paintings have emerged. Evolving through the curiosity of machinery and space; le truquôt reaches to line-work, fillings, hand drawn textures, calligraphy, symbols, languages,.. He aims at analysing the intricate behaviour of our social subjectivities.