« H.U.U.B » Tunis by le Truquôt 01.04.2020
University Hospital and University of Bouhaira. Lake of Tunis.
This project is a reaction to the urgent and fundamental needs of the public hospital system in Tunisia.
SarS-Cov 2 has changed our vision of the health world.
This hospital is imagined as a heart, fixed and waterproof, which can expand and adapt to needs by accumulating containers.
This project can easily accommodate quarantined areas, create watertight and independent care paths and all this in a sustainable energy policy, thanks to a connected and self-managed efficient system (I.A.)
H.U.U.B contains a separable and separable emergency service, a university (IT, biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, caregivers and medicine), a public university hospital, as well as premises and research laboratories
H.U.U.B contains 18 wind turbines, a geothermal generator, a generalized ventilation system, solar panels as well as 3 kinetic batteries (mechanical, weight transfer) integrated into the elevators.
H.U.U.B also contains an emergency generator to operate in parallel with kinetic batteries.

The brain of H.U.U.B can predict the potential for individual or regional health events. Thanks to “training” of neural networks through data borrowed or collected on the spot, the machine can predict pathogens or crises.
It will therefore serve as a whistleblower, the data of which can then be analyzed by experts.
It would also centralize the medical data of the population, influence existing hospitals to adopt an intelligent system and promote research and the safety of medical and scientific personnel.
The nucleus can accumulate containers like veins and develop specific sectors according to the needs of the population.
H.U.U.B would be one of the first African medical complexes to bring together scientists, students, researchers and doctors. It would accelerate the development of necessary medicines while providing optimal space for research, technology and advances in the context of health in Africa.
The proximity of the location of Europe, as well as its central position in Africa would act as a gateway to the continent.
If you are interested, feel free to send a message. We can discuss the feasibility, technology, architecture and the future
If you are a doctor, do not hesitate.
The Truquôt.
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