Dar Khazaan perspective

Following #lecorbusier ‘s 5 rules for a modern architecture, Dar Khazaan tries to blend a specific human geometry into a wild/English style park.

This contrast between #brutalist expression, raw concrete textures and a wide open horizon towards nature emphasizes human’s metaphysical relation to nature.

The inner plan follows the « libre plan » in a way it pushes its users towards more hygienic behaviour. For example, you enter the house with a dressing/laundry/shower.

frontal perspective for dar Khazaan

This house was a way to work on le corbusier’s five fundamental rules for a modern architecture.

It is obviously inspired from his rationalist arguing but also integrates more artistic elements he used throughout his architecture.
The water reservoir and the artisanal concrete molding is one of them.

Le corbusier isn’t necessarily my favorite architect. But his creative and rational mind always impresses me, not even mentioning his art

roof perspective for dar khazaan

A usable roof and a multifunctional swimmingpool /water reservoir.