perpective of dar ghorbel by le truquôt 310821

« DAR GHORBEL » 310821 ://A Farm house
It’s been a while since I didn’t get to the 3d and rendering habit ! Hope you’ll like this brand new concept of a colorful Farm house in a warm country!

Had a lot of fun making that garden and hoping for some new exciting inquiries!

« Dar Ghorbel » is a house inspired by major artists of the 20th century including #mondrian (obviously) and #kandinsky
The house is a 6x12m cylindrical volume separated into 2 levels and a mezzanine
The whole structure is holding on a half-submerged socle.

Discovering uniquely crafted human artifacts and integrating them into nature has always been my goal! I don’t think you have to fake it to make it. Just be human, be yourself; different, complicated. Nature will always be there to remind you your inevitable doom.

Ghorbel means Sieve in tunisian dialect.