here are non-conclusive images of Burj CHARAF.

Burj Charaf is a self-maintaining, efficient and adaptable Skyscraper for Tunis Lake.

It is situated near the city center on a thin road throw the lake, connecting the arrival of foreign car travelers directly to the center of tunis. The skyscraper contains:

An underground parking with Electric hubs ready to welcome electric cars

Introduction space on the ground floor followed by commercial areas (6levels)

The following modules have the same repeating scheme. The glass-enveloped farming module contains 4 connected levels of crop landscape, followed by several levels of connected animal farming landscapes. this module is totally open plan (corbusier) trying to put the animal in a seemingly open landscape. the glass changes opacity to put the animal in the best conditions. The open and grassy volume on top contains the housing. Etc until the last levels containing commercial renting and high end housing. The roof is accessible to the public and has restaurant and diving areas with the most beautiful views on tunis.

The machine tries to achieve a honorable mission: producing clean and safe crops and farming, maintain an energy positive impact and financial independence, Clean the lake’s water as much as of the surrounding polluted air, and, finally, influence the neighbors to adopt energy efficient modules. It would even try to resell cheaper electricity to neighbors and pushing governmental industry to invest into ecological and self-efficient energy generators.

Charaf is in arabic and means Honor or Honorable representing the purely philanthropist concept of this highly expensive and futuristic Skyscraper…

would this be a financially viable project? would the commercial and homing solutions included in the tower, added to the energy incomes and dependencies, attract enough income to make it financially stable. Would it’s ecological impact be enough a reason?

But Burj Charaf is presented as Homeostatic, a word used in medicine to describe a living cell or organism. A closed membrane having a stable and maintaining an exchange between an inside and an outside.


This tower adapts to its surrounding by keeping a stable state inside its membrane.
Moving structures and wings, growable height and high end technologies have been added to this state of the art building.

This building has 4 main purposes:
the proximity of Burj Charaf to the lake gives it the responsability to start cleaning its water and influence the existence of a stable ecosystem interacting with the tower.
It contains multiple « attachable » and maintainable modules that produce energy. These modules were chosen on purpose to be of a small size, so they can be adopted easily by neighboors wanting to make a step towards independent and ecological energy cycles and producers.

Burj Charaf produces various energy forms , amongst:
.Animal and plants farming (« pseudopatent » a floor made of vertically moving paletforms to harvest the weight displacement of cows and other animals. 4 connected floors would contain vegetables, fruits and crops co-existing efficiently with the animals and brought together by a « boxed » landscape inspired by English-gardens.
.Wind(through the windturbines but also through the structure. there is a « pseudopatent » to generate electricity by addition of modules in the angles of the structure, trying to harvest the horizontal displacement of the building)

Clean the surrounding rural polluted air
Transforms the water of the lake into drinkable water. The bottle would be called « Guilta » this means pond or laying undrinkable water in tunisian dialect. It aims to point to the history of the Tunis lake and make an inside joke, the cleanest bottle of the country being called POND

Influence the surrounding neighbors to use self-efficient, bio-mechanical and mechanical energy systems.
Sell cheap electricity to the surrounding to push government towards ecological energy investement.

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