House of eve

Concepting, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, hand-built

House of Eve is an adaptable low-cost building integrated in a landscape of nature.

The piece is totally handmade, without the use of any machines. Everything, from the concrete, cutting the metal to the pouring was made with non-electrical hand tools.

This was necessary for a low-cost building that costed, until now, around 17 k euros. 

The house is primarily a Wedding/party chapel. It is built like a toolbox with exterior/interior cavities. So it also contains all the tools for farming without the need to access the interior of the house. Finally, this house is built as a future refuge for an artist.



Dar Hawa is situated in Beni-khalled, Tunisia. This agriculture-based city is surrounded by farms; containing oranges, grapes and wheat.


The house had to integrate into the landscape, by emphasizing the most important moments of that particular view.

The orientation and morphology of the house is linked to the course of the sun and the direction of the main winds in that particular region.



The structure had to respond to static obstructions linked to the main wind forces and directions for that region.

A lightweight but durable structure was chosen for this design.

The house was elevated for humidity and isolation reasons. 

The house had to « sit » over the ground, without asphyxiating it. 




The House has 2 plans, the floor levels contain all « dirty » activity.

The second floor is for entertainment and sleep.



The house was handmade. 

Concrete has been poured and mixed by hand. 

The metal had been cut with a sharp metallic edge and a hammer.

The only part that used « machines » is the transportations and the landscaping.


Upcoming work:

We still need to work on the openings and the façade mechanical ventilation system.



House Stein

Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings, Execution plans

House Stein was made for a client wanting a family house on top of a hill in tunisia.

The house had to contain 2 modules working as studios for both their children.



Dar Stein is situated in Ghardeya, Tunisia. This hill village is surrounded by farms; containing Olive trees and wheat cultures.


The house had to integrate into the landscape, by emphasizing the most important moments of that particular view.

The orientation of the house is linked to the slope and the views.



The House has 2 plans, the floor levels contain all « dirty » activity.

The second floor is for entertainment and sleep.



The clients wanted to integrate many programs in a narrow space.


Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings

The nucleus can accumulate containers like veins and develop specific sectors according to the needs of the population.
H.U.U.B would be one of the first African medical complexes to bring together scientists, students, researchers and doctors. It would accelerate the development of necessary medicines while providing optimal space for research, technology and advances in the context of health in Africa.
The proximity of the location of Europe, as well as its central position in Africa would act as a gateway to the continent.



H.U.U.B would be situated in the heart of the city, connecting the lake to it’s urban weaving.

The proximity to the lake would permit the extension brought by ship


This project is a reaction to the urgent and fundamental needs of the public hospital system in Tunisia.
SarS-Cov 2 has changed our vision of the health world.
This hospital is imagined as a heart, fixed and waterproof, which can expand and adapt to needs by accumulating containers.
This project can easily accommodate quarantined areas, create watertight and independent care paths and all this in a sustainable energy policy, thanks to a connected and self-managed efficient system (I.A.)
H.U.U.B contains a separable and separable emergency service, a university (IT, biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, caregivers and medicine), a public university hospital, as well as premises and research laboratories

BURJ Charaf

Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings


H.U.U.B would be situated in the heart of the city, connecting the lake to it’s urban weaving.

The proximity to the lake would permit the extension brought by ship



It is situated near the city center on a thin road throw the lake, connecting the arrival of foreign car travelers directly to the center of tunis.


An underground parking with Electric hubs ready to welcome electric cars

Introduction space on the ground floor followed by commercial areas (6levels)

The following modules have the same repeating scheme. The glass-enveloped farming module contains 4 connected levels of crop landscape, followed by several levels of connected animal farming landscapes. this module is totally open plan (corbusier) trying to put the animal in a seemingly open landscape. the glass changes opacity to put the animal in the best conditions. The open and grassy volume on top contains the housing. Etc until the last levels containing commercial renting and high end housing. The roof is accessible to the public and has restaurant and diving areas with the most beautiful views on tunis.

The machine tries to achieve a honorable mission: producing clean and safe crops and farming, maintain an energy positive impact and financial independence, Clean the lake’s water as much as of the surrounding polluted air, and, finally, influence the neighbors to adopt energy efficient modules. It would even try to resell cheaper electricity to neighbors and pushing governmental industry to invest into ecological and self-efficient energy generators.

Charaf is in arabic and means Honor or Honorable representing the purely philanthropist concept of this highly expensive and futuristic Skyscraper…

would this be a financially viable project? would the commercial and homing solutions included in the tower, added to the energy incomes and dependencies, attract enough income to make it financially stable. Would it’s ecological impact be enough a reason?

But Burj Charaf is presented as Homeostatic, a word used in medicine to describe a living cell or organism. A closed membrane having a stable and maintaining an exchange between an inside and an outside.


This tower adapts to its surrounding by keeping a stable state inside its membrane.
Moving structures and wings, growable height and high end technologies have been added to this state of the art building.

This building has 4 main purposes:
the proximity of Burj Charaf to the lake gives it the responsability to start cleaning its water and influence the existence of a stable ecosystem interacting with the tower.
It contains multiple « attachable » and maintainable modules that produce energy. These modules were chosen on purpose to be of a small size, so they can be adopted easily by neighboors wanting to make a step towards independent and ecological energy cycles and producers.

Burj Charaf produces various energy forms , amongst:
.Animal and plants farming (« pseudopatent » a floor made of vertically moving paletforms to harvest the weight displacement of cows and other animals. 4 connected floors would contain vegetables, fruits and crops co-existing efficiently with the animals and brought together by a « boxed » landscape inspired by English-gardens.
.Wind(through the windturbines but also through the structure. there is a « pseudopatent » to generate electricity by addition of modules in the angles of the structure, trying to harvest the horizontal displacement of the building)

Clean the surrounding rural polluted air
Transforms the water of the lake into drinkable water. The bottle would be called « Guilta » this means pond or laying undrinkable water in tunisian dialect. It aims to point to the history of the Tunis lake and make an inside joke, the cleanest bottle of the country being called POND

Influence the surrounding neighbors to use self-efficient, bio-mechanical and mechanical energy systems.
Sell cheap electricity to the surrounding to push government towards ecological energy investment.

House of Sieve

Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings

This is a Farm house. Dar Ghorbel is a house inspired by major artists of the 20th century, including Mondrian and Kandinsky.

The House is a cylindrical volume seperated into 2 levels and a mezzanine.

The whole structure is holding on a half-submerged socle.


The water tank House

Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings

This is a Farm house. Dar Khazaan is a house inspired by major architect of the 20-21st century, including Le corbusier and Mies van der Rohe.

The House is a rectangular volume seperated into 2 levels and a usable roof

The whole structure is holding on pillars.


COMPETITION: Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings

« THE GIFT » is the name of this proposal for the xxxxx 2022 competition, which is held on an architecture of the essentials in hot climates. This cube in the shape of a gift measures 2m50x2m50 with a height of 2m85.

This minimalist form allows for increased sobriety and compliance with road regulations. Indeed, the present is an object that can be transported easily on the roads and deposited in natural environments without damaging them. Once placed, the present can be unpacked to provide a humble 14m2 tinyhouse that acts as a toolbox for any dedicated camper.

This present tries to provide all the needs of a nature lover, without requiring him to have technical knowledge in construction. The shelter is ready to use as soon as it leaves the factory and opens with simple gestures. Like a gift, the gift can be transported, offered and unpacked to reveal its warm interior.

The project totals an area of ​​14m2. It has a functional kitchenette, supplied with electricity. It features a comfortable but minimalist cocoon to sleep in, a dining room, a terrace, a storage room, a refrigerator, an outhouse, a shower, solar panels, and even a wind turbine that comes to express the « brand » of the project. It is important to specify that during the transport of the project, this brand image is visible and makes this compendium of ecological tools viral. The shelter shows a materiality of oak wood with a reflective clarity.

This allows integration without opposition to any natural environment, ranging from the forest to the desert. The clarity of the wood makes it possible to have a high direct light reflection index. Thus the transfer of heat by radiation is reduced. The frame is made of metal for added structural security. To prevent the latter from stretching and shrinking, a layer of wood wool insulation is applied as external insulation. This layer is protected internally and externally by a moisture seal.

Calignano building

Concept, Design (2d-3D), landscaping, renderings

This is a conceptual building replacing an existing building in the center of Geneva. 


Concept, Design (2d-3D), renderings, animations

This is a conceptual 3d printable, modular and parametric cast.


Concept, Design (2d-3D), renderings, animations

SUPER TENEMENT is a modular and adaptive system programmed on grasshopper. Structure, façade, construction elements are all generated in a modular way. The building allows change over time. It’s updatable, repairable. This theoretical approach tries to imagine a Shelter as a computer with interchangeable components. (References project ARA and Phoneblocks. Super tenement borrows its name frmo 3 protagonists of the « after 2nd world war » architecture scene; superstudio, archigram and archizoom. These italian theorecists imagined structure and cities around consumerism, automation and the futur. Sadly, we sometimes forget the importance of modularity, adaptivity and automation in architecture’s transition to ecological behaviour. This project tries to reminisce these forgotten concepts while honestly displaying the necessary machinery every building hides nowadays.


Design (2d-3D), Parametric Design, construction

The Bonati Bivouac (bivouatti) is a shelter for the A Neuve’s glacier. The A Neuve’s hut is a refuge at 2735m altitude that needs an extension of it’s dormitories.

The construction needed to be demountable and re-mountable due to the sites altitude.

The design process was made on grasshopper, this made it’s conception modular and adaptable to changing timber dimensions.

it also permitted to produce the blueprint of the wood cuttings.

The wood construction system is related to vernacular swiss construction (Raccard) and allows, with a better insulation, to have the right shelter on these heights.

This structure was constructed by 20 EPFL students from the studio EAST. The whole construction was made without any machine. We used Japanese saws and wood chisels. No metal, no screws and no nails. Everything is made in wood (exception made for the Hamac)

For this structure we used a parametric software (grasshopper) to readapt the choices of form, general mensurations and wood plank mensuration to our project’s evolution.

The conception phase was made in 3 weeks, construction in 10days.

There were no carpenters in our team, only architecture students.

The project tries to relate to vernacular swiss construction and to express the perilous aspects of the A Neuve’s site.

It  also relates to Semper, a theoretical architect who had a fond feeling to the importance of the envelope in the « original huts ». Here we tried to make a hut, only made by structure, where envelope becomes a structural object. The interesting aspect of the « joints » show’s that structure and ornement can sometimes be in-dissociable.

This was our first construction. (1 to 1)


24 heures http://bit.ly/2CM5vu6

Tribune de Genève http://bit.ly/2Dfj6uL

Le Nouvelliste http://bit.ly/2kOsCNh

Camping des Glaciers www.camping-glaciers.ch

EAST 2017

The Vidy Theatre

Design (2d-3D), Parametric Design, model construction

A parametric wood structure made in only wood.

I did the design process with grasshopper, following a double curvature surface. like the Jean Nouvel’s dome in the Louvre in Abu Dhabi

Rousseau's Gate to Geneva

Design (2d-3D), Parametric Design, model construction

Is a Gateway to Geneva.

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