Works with Richter Dahl Rocha ./Renderings

Dwelling’s Stairs

Dwelling for rural web in Switzerland



Dwelling in a swiss Rural Web


Ducru Beaucaillou – Wine factory



Flon Stairs



Another Dwelling




Monumental Beehive /greenhouse

Colisee’s flying walls


Rousseau’s Island (tests)

The Wood flower

Maybe there is a place were our homes relate to each other in a spiritual way. An equilibrium of ephemeral materials, workings together to put humanity at ease.

A neuve – SpaceHermit

First prototypes


The space Hermit



Other ideas:

Bauakademie, redraw and reinterpret


these are 3d measurements and virtual reconstruction of the first version of the Bauakademie in Berlin.

Here is a way of renovating the building while concentrating on the inner Atrium and the importance of the column in Schinkel’s Architecture, the central column is a reference to one of schinkel’s projects.

Mars – Living on Mars course

Constellation – A neuve related




These where the first drafts of the final project of the A neuve’s Bivouac.


Façades in EPFL

This course was dedicated to façades and physical measurements related to confort.

Our idea was to create « air bubbles » that would flow air when hot temperature are expected outside, and remove the air, to create a nearly perfect isolation volume.


Automatisation vs handcraft

Handcraft will always have it’s value in human society. It will become rare and expensive because what we love in art and architecture is the imperfection of the human craft.

Automatisation will be faster better and more accurate than human beings. but it will erase all physical interaction with the craftsman, and therefore will lose it’s human essence.

Automatisation is the the art of the poor, handcraft is the art of the rich.

Octupus City, Connected cities

Personal projects

Je pensais à rajouter une petite section avec des projets personnels.

Par contre ce sont des projets à prendre à la légère sachant qu’ils n’ont été confronté qu’à ma propre critique et jugement.

Pourtant ils me tiennent à coeur; c’est un voyage qui part de l’écologie jusqu’à l’art et l’industrie brute.


The swiss knife

My first blog post!

So I started my Portfolio some days ago. I’d like to have track of my activities and projects, It’ll be easier to see the totality of my progress in the fantastic EPFL Architecture section.

Maybe i’ll put some sketches and digital paintings in the near future 🙂 Have fun visiting